Tool To Reduce Mortgage Payments And Foreclosure Homes

A home appreciation participation note or HAPN is being developed by financial engineers in Rockville, Maryland to be used as an instrument to allow homebuyers sell rights to an anticipated appreciation to investors who are willing to shoulder the losses in the event that the value of properties decline.

The increase in foreclosure homes is being blamed on homeowners’ decision to choose risk-heavy loans such as adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM), option ARM and interest-only mortgage. Experts agree that if only homeowners opted for shared-appreciation mortgage, foreclosure homes would not be as widespread as it is today.

Shared-appreciation mortgage involves investing money on a property to reduce the interest rate and in exchange, the investor will get a share of the revenue in the event that the property was sold.

If more borrowers opted for shared-appreciation mortgage, foreclosure homes would not have been as grave a problem as it is now, dragging down the housing market.

Meanwhile, to help abate the growing number of foreclosure homes, several programs and tools were created by various organizations and agencies.

The HAPN is designed to address the issue of affordability facing homebuyers and the possibility that the value of the property would decline.

The instrument allows homebuyers to stay in their properties while selling shares in the event that the houses’ value will go down beyond the original market price that they paid for.

The larger the amount that investors put on the property, the more it becomes affordable and therefore, less likely to be added to the growing list of foreclosure homes.

In a nutshell, the investor will put in a significant amount of cash so that the homeowner could afford to pay the monthly mortgage, and in return, the investor will get a share of the total profit in the event the property is sold.

Integrated Financial Engineering President Barry Dennis explained that homebuyers will sell today what they would eventually sell when they decide to move on.

HAPN’s advantage over shared-appreciation mortgage is that the appreciation is not tied up to the market price of the house when the homebuyer sells it. Instead, the appreciation is based on the estimated value of the house if some characteristics of the property have not changed since it was acquired.

Unlike shared-appreciation mortgage, homebuyers under HAPN will not share their profits that come from improvements that they make.

The HAPN acts as a second mortgage which is hoped to abate the flood of foreclosures.

Tips When Buying Mesa Foreclosure Homes

Colorado is the fifth state with the highest rate of foreclosed homes in the US, according to October 2008 data released by property tracker RealtyTrac. The state has been one of the hardest hit by the housing downturn, the economic slowdown and the rising rate of unemployment in the country. Foreclosures are considered inevitable households’ reaction to the challenging times.

The outlook for Colorado may be brim and uncertain. But there are still counties that are gaining bullish outlooks. Mesa on the Western Slope region in the state is enjoying great outlooks and forecasts. In terms of foreclosed homes, Mesa foreclosure homes have been among the lowest in all of Colorado. However, many homebuyers still aim to find and buy homes in the area.

If you are among those buyers, here are simple tips about how you could effectively and successfully find Mesa foreclosure homes.

1. Check out Mesa foreclosure listings available online or through conventional printed media outlets. These materials usually include content and lists about available Mesa foreclosure homes. Foreclosure listings offer more than just lists. They also offer helpful guidelines, recommendations and insights about buying Mesa foreclosure homes.

2. Prepare to look for available Mesa foreclosure homes at auctions and REO sales. The best and most attractive foreclosed homes are available for inspections. See your target home and inspect for damages or bad factors.

3. Make yourself eligible for financing initiatives if you do not have ample cash at hand for the purchases. Doing so will help you save on time and efforts when you finally get to the negotiating table when buying any of the available Mesa foreclosure homes.

4. Allocate funds for improving and renovating your acquisition. There surely will be many rooms for improvements and you surely will need or want to modify anything at your purchased foreclosure.

Visiting Las Vegas And The Scenic Southwest On A Budget.

This article is based on years of traveling in and out of Las Vegas to visit some of the most beautiful places on earth. Las Vegas can be a very inexpensive place to fly into.

AdventureZoneTOURS, that’s what I should have named this article. That’s how I like to travel. I want to be comfortable, have great adventure, for a reasonable amount of money.

For our budget, our trip into the Vegas airport begins on a Sunday thru Wednesday. The focus and goal of our trip is to get into the great outdoors. But, we like to stay the first couple of nights in Vegas and then the last couple of nights too, with the middle of the trip spent touring awesome places in the great Mohave Desert.

As soon as you get off the plane you know you are in Vegas and are bombarded by visual entertainment. Everything is bright and flashing, it seems like daytime even at night. Huge screens preview the available shows and entertainment in town. As you leave the airport you will find all modes of transport available along the street including taxis, limos & shuttle buses.

There are a lot of hotels to choose from. Many times I have stayed on the strip at Tropicana Ave. Returning to the car rental lot at the airport is just minutes from this part of the strip. There are many choices for hotels. There are thousands of hotel rooms and more being built every day. There are hotels on Las Vegas Blvd, more just off the strip and some just blocks away from the strip in downtown Las Vegas. Fremont Street has been canopied by tens of thousands of lights. The hotel/casinos in this area have almost a neighborhood feel. At night The Fremont Street Experience comes alive with lights, and music. It’s feels almost like a block party.

Will you need a rental car? Many times your best deal on a rental is going to be for a weekly rental. Even if you rent for just 4 days, the weekly rental is normally a better deal. Normally, the car rentals work on a 24 hour period. For example if you pick up at 6 pm, your return would have to be by 6 pm of the day the car is suppose to be returned. Many times I will fly into Las Vegas and take one of the inexpensive shuttles to my hotel doorstep. Then the day I want to begin my weekly rental, I take a taxi to the rental location to pick up my car being careful to pick it up at the same time of day that I will be returning it the day of my departure. You can also consider renting your auto at one of the downtown off airport rental locations. This can save on the airport tax surcharges that are added on to your rental at the airport locations. As you choose your car rental, you might find that they have a location right at the hotel you choose to stay at.

Las Vegas has plenty of entertainment to enjoy, with shows that change from month to month. There are many free things to do as well. The water show at the Beligio is cool and interesting if seem by night from the Eiffel Tour. Everybody likes the free volcano at the Mirage, the lion’s habitat at the MGM, The show in front of TI, Mardi Gras style show in the Rio and on and on. This article is about getting out into the great outdoors, so I’ll leave the entertainment search up to you. There’s always plenty to see and do.

On to your AdventureZoneTOUR! Now, let’s find adventure!

The Valley of Fire
Zion National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park
The Grand Canyon
Lake Powell
Antelope Canyon
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

One of the first things I do as I’m leaving town is to find a big grocery store or the local shopping mart. I buy a cooler and load up on water, fruit, soda, chips, snacks, napkins, plates, forks and deli items. Many times we’ll have an inexpensive breakfast or lunch along the way. We’ll have a great restaurant dinner.

There is where the Mojave, Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts are within striking distance of your entry point of Las Vegas. Some of these areas can be very hot in the summer, but if you plan well and hit the higher elevations, it can be very comfortable. Remember this area of the world can be wild and dangerous. Take all the precautions necessary. This is the Mohave Desert, you’ll need water. You do not want to get stuck in the sand, or have your auto break down in a remote area. There are places your cell phone will not work. If you hike into any remote areas, learn about them first and obtain necessary permits. There are a lot of slot canyons that are very beautiful. A slot is a narrow passageway thru cliff lined canyons. This was carved into the sandstone by water. Beware! If it is raining 100 miles away from you, you may not know it and the slot you could be in is where the water will run. I have heard several stories of people being carried away and drown because of lack of planning. When you are in a narrow canyon, there is no place to escape. Be smart and be careful. Take lots of pictures.

Heading north there is another great little casino city right at the border of Nevada called Mesquite, NV. I have found the hotel room rates to be down right cheap. Mesquite has everything that I need as a base of operations. The rooms are acceptable, the Casinos are modern and fun with pools and even arcades, bowling alleys and movie theatres, without lots of traffic. The town has lots of buffets, gas stations, golf, etc. If you are planning a visit to Zion, staying here is an easy drive up and back for a couple of day trips into the region. Many times I have gone with a group and we have to reserve quite a few rooms.

As you head north on I 15 you’ll see the Las Vegas Speedway home of NASCAR races as well as Nellis Air force base. You’ll probably see or hear air force jets flying around or landing as you travel past the base. The thunderbirds have a presence here, as well as some funky looking stealth and unmanned remotely piloted aircraft. Maybe this is where all the UFO Area 51 stuff comes from. If you’re interested in more information about the mystery lights in the sky, search for Groom Lake or Area 51.

The Valley of Fire State Park is up this way and located only six miles from Lake Mead, it’s 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas via Interstate 15 and on exit 75. Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest and largest state park, dedicated 1935. The valley derives its name from the red sandstone formations and the stark beauty of the Mojave Desert. There are some really awesome campsites nested within the red rock cliffs. This is a great place to stretch your legs and do a little rock scrambling. It’s about a 30 minute drive from the highway exit. The Moapa Indian Reservation runs a store right at this exit.This can be a nice stop for bathrooms; they sell fireworks, have a small casino, tax free cigarettes and liquor in their small convenience store.

If you continue north into Utah on highway I 15 from Las Vegas you can go to Zion National Park. It’s just a few hours north of Las Vegas and can make a great day trip. April thru Oct. the environmental friendly shuttle bus provides transportation in the park. Other month’s autos are allowed in. There is a highway Rt 9 that goes thru park of the park and is open to traffic all year. If you might be planning a hike into the Virgin River and upstream, talk to the rangers first. Our last trip the water levels were too high and not safe. After you tour of Zion, be sure to take RT. 9 through the tunnels, and the landscape totally changes after the tunnel. It’s like a different planet. The second day we visited the Zion Plateau where we found a resort and paid the all day pass to ride their ATV’s, use their pool, play paintball, climbing wall, etc.

From here you now need to plan out your trip based on how long you’ll be traveling for. You could head to Bryce Canyon Nation Park or you could go to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Lake Powell, even The Grand Canyon. I normally take Utah highway 89 if I am going to Lake Powell and on the return just to see even more scenery I return towards Las Vegas using Arizona ALT highway 89.

Heading south on Utah highway 89 from either Zion or Bryce you’ll see a turn off for Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Here pinkish sand worn off the sandstone cliffs was deposited by the winds creating 3,000 acres of sand dunes. Continuing along highway 89 is the town of Kanab, Utah. One popular visit in the area is the Paria and Johnson Canyon Movie Set where over 300 movies and TV shows were filmed.

This area is called the Arizona Strip. We visited The Glen Canyon Dam which created Lake Powell. Lake Powell has 2000 miles of shoreline and canyons etc. We rented a speed boat for the day at the Marina. As you look for boat rentals, you need to decide if you want to rent at the marina where the boat is in the water or another rental where you may have to tow or arrange for the boat to be launched. You may choose to not have a hotel/condo and stay on a houseboat. The sun is strong and lots of sunscreen and sun block should be used. Many people visit Rainbow Bridge and it is the world’s largest natural bridge.

Antelope Canyon is a Page, Arizona photographer’s opportunity. This is the most spectacular slot canyon I have been to. You’ll find that all tours require a Navajo guide and there is an upper and lower canyon. The tours are separate. You can join a tour in Page, AZ or drive the few miles to the Navajo Nation. There is a cost for parking at the Navajo tour site, as well as for the tour itself. Our tour was in an open safari type vehicle for a few miles into the desert. As you get there you see just a dark crack in a huge cliff. It is an amazing slot canyon carved by water and wind over millions of years. The sandstone colors are awesome and many people are touched by this natural cathedral that the Navajo’s have treasured for years. When the sun is directly over head, beams of light can then shine into the canyon.

I like to return back towards Las Vegas using AZ alt 89 out of Page, AZ. Be sure you make the turn on alt 89 or you will continue south towards Flagstaff, AZ. Taking this route will bring you past the Vermilion Cliffs. As you continue on highway alt 89 you’ll get to Jacobs Lake, this is the turn off if you are interested in visiting the North Rim of The Grand Canyon. I timed my last trip so we could overnight at the Lodge. We showed up late afternoon, watched the sunset, stayed in a cabin right near the rim. We ate at the dining room with an awesome view. You’ll need reservations or you’ll be out of luck.

From here you’d just return back to highway 15 and your trip back to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Tours and Attractions – Use a Tour Bus and Save Big Bucks

Las Vegas is famous for grandiose hotels, 24/7 gambling, and star-struck shows. But it’s also a fantastic place to book value-packed bus tours to some of the planet’s best natural attractions.

Several conditions merge to make Sin City a budget-traveler’s paradise:

Air Fares – McCarran International Airport is 15th busiest in the world. Benefit to you? Discount air, tour, and bus tickets.
Geography – The City is at the nexus of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and California. All regional attractions can be reached by tour bus! If you prefer to fly, expect to have feet on the ground in under an hour.
Trip Costs – Almost 40 million people visit annually. It takes a lot of tour operators to service this many travelers. Competition for your travel dollar is fierce. Expect to get great value at great price.

You’ll be presented with hundreds of promotional offers. The best deals will be for food, drink, and entertainment. Tours are a different story. Best bet for value is to book in advance on the Internet, where you will consistently net big savings.

Riding a motor coach is the best way to take in the town and surrounding sights. It’s safe, economical, and affordable. Here are my Top 5 attractions that you are accessible by bus:

Grand Canyon South Rim – An absolute must-see. This is the part of the Canyon where postcard-pictures are shot. Plenty of food, shopping, and souvenirs, too.
Grand Canyon West Rim – Definitely a different part of the Canyon from the South Rim, but worth it if you’re in a time crunch. This is Hualapai Indian territory: Make sure you experience the Skywalk.
Hoover Dam “Mini” Tours – Just 30 miles east of Las Vegas. Second largest dam in the U.S. Free guided tour is one of the best on the market. Take elevator down to generator room. Major picture opportunities in the newly constructed Observation Room.
Lake Mead Cruise – Lake Mead is the largest man-made lake in the country. Cruise past extinct volcanoes. Sail just 100’s of yards away from Hoover Dam! It’s the only tour where you can easily experience the Colorado River.
Las Vegas City Tour – Offered day and night. Experience Sin City like a local. See all the key landmarks, including celeb mansions, Freemont Street, The Strip, and more. Guide-intensive, so make sure you get a good one.

Bus tour packages can also include helicopter rides, plane flights, river rafting excursions, and more.

Not all tour operators can effectively bundle trips fro you. The one, however, that repeatedly gets big kudos from travelers is Grayline tours. Operated by one of the largest sightseeing companies in the world (they’re tours are in 150 destinations, including Paris, London, New York, Cairo, Hong Kong, and more), Gray Line epitomizes safety, reliability, and value. They’re tour guides undergo rigorous training and are oftentimes more knowledgeable about, for example, Las Vegas than the locals. And, if you want to “supersize” your Las Vegas attraction’s tour by including helicopter or plane flight, they are people that can arrange it to perfection.

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Las Vegas Nevada Tours Offer Wide Variety of Options

Those unfamiliar with Las Vegas may be surprised at the outstanding tours available that go to places besides the world famous casinos, motels and shopping malls. One of the most popular tours is to the huge Hoover Dam that is on the Arizona and Nevada border, just thirty five miles from Las Vegas. The Hoover Dam is a National Historic Landmark and one of the great engineering accomplishments of the twentieth century. At the time of it’s completion in 1936 it was the worlds largest electric power plant and also the largest concrete structure. It’s still an awe inspiring structure some over seventy years later.

Tours to Hoover Dam are available by bus, helicopter, plane or automobile. Coupons can be purchased ahead of time if you look online for tour companies that go to this landmark.

Another tour destination related directly to the Hoover Dam is the Lake Mead tours. Lake Mead is the huge lake that was created when the dam was finished. It is largest reservoir in the United States with a capacity of almost thirty million acre feet of water. Although it right next to and is created by the Hoover Dam, the tours of these two destinations are completely different. At Lake Mead you can have recreational tour packages that include cruises, dinner, swimming, water skiing and fishing. Of course, it’s possible to tour both the dam and the lake and there are tours that offer both experiences. It’s advisable to get discount coupons of these tours beforehand to get the best prices.

Another Las Vegas Nevada tour that is not as well known but is growing in popularity quickly is the Red Rock tours which go to the nearby Red Rock Canyon. These tours can be done by either horseback, all terrain vehicles or bicycle. These tours can be some of the funnest and least expensive deals in Vegas and may include dinner or lunch. The scenery in the Red Rock Canyons is spectacular also. Again, it’s advised to look around before your vacation to get the best deals and to better plan your vacation.

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Special Award recipients honoured at 19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day

Design Indaba founder Ravi Naidoo, First National Bank, and the United States Embassy have all been honoured with Special Awards at the 19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day.
Special Award recipients honoured at 19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day

These awards are selected by Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) Board of Directors and celebrate remarkable contributions by individuals, businesses, and organisations to the sustainability of South Africa’s arts. The awards further the core goals of BASA’s strategy: to act as a change-maker, and to facilitate connectivity and sustainability through robust and ongoing research and diverse public, private and civil society programmes.

Ravi Naidoo was named this year’s Art Champion, while the Chairman’s Premier Award went to First National Bank (FNB) for the FNB Joburg Art Fair. The United States (US) Embassy was honoured with the Diplomacy in the Arts Award for their support of the Market Theatre.

“This year’s Special Awards winners really are powerful endorsements of the ability of individuals, businesses and other organisations to make an impact on South Africa’s arts community, and highlight the extensive work that BASA is doing in creating exciting and innovative partnerships,” said Kwanele Gumbi, Chairman of the BASA Board. “We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations and deep appreciation to all three recipients for their role in arts sustainability across South Africa.”

The Diplomacy in the Arts award is given in recognition of Foreign Missions that contribute to the development and preservation of the arts in South Africa, as well as the continued prioritisation of cultural diplomacy between South Africa and the international community. Through its Cultural Affairs Office in the Public Affairs Section, the US Embassy offers cultural and arts programmes that are designed to enhance mutual understanding between the people of SA and the USA. In particular, the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) supports the preservation of cultural sites, cultural objects, and forms of traditional cultural expression in more than 100 developing countries around the world.

The Market Theatre has had a long association with the US Embassy. Over the past few years, under the Ambassadorship of Patrick Gaspard, it has been a generous supporter of the Market Theatre Foundation in particular and the arts in general. Financial grants have enabled the Market Theatre to carry out work at professional, student and community level and encourage the development of new young audiences through its support of the youth. Among recent projects supported by embassy grants were five professional productions (The Brothers Size, The Mountain Top, Ketekang, I Almost Remember and A Raisin in the Sun); a live performance of the multi award winning saxophonist, McCoy Mrubata, on International Jazz Day; first and second-year training of 33 students in the performing arts at the Market Laboratory’s Drama School; and the community theatre-based Zwakala Festival.

Art Champion recipient Ravi Naidoo is the founder of Interactive Africa and Design Indaba. Naidoo created Design Indaba in 1995 as a way to celebrate the creative potential of the new, post-apartheid South Africa and share this with the world. He also sought to educate South Africans by inviting the world’s leading designers in every field to South Africa to engage with design projects. The annual international event has grown to become the world’s leading design conference and has attracted much international attention to outstanding South African talent. Design Indaba has been recognised as having a positive effect on the South African design economy, with initiatives that accelerate and mentor emerging creatives. Naidoo was also the catalyst behind Woolworths and the Western Cape Government of Education creating a design syllabus at school level.

The Chairman’s Premier Award is made at the discretion of the Chairman of BASA and recognises sustained and extraordinary commitment to the arts in South Africa. This year’s recipient is FNB for the FNB Joburg Art Fair, which they created in 2008 in partnership with Artlogic. Now it is Africa’s leading art fair focused on contemporary art from the continent and diaspora, and each year record sales and visitor numbers reinforce the demand for an event where the continent’s artists, curators, collectors and enthusiasts can congregate. Having just wrapped up its ninth iteration, the FNB Joburg Art Fair continues to strengthen this position by presenting the finest contemporary African art alongside memorable exhibitions and groundbreaking initiatives. These include a series of curated special projects, a VIP Programme that has hosted top international curators and directors from institutions like The Tate Modern, Venice Biennale, Centre Pompidou and CCA Lagos, as well as a Talks Programme that invites art-world figures, philosophers, and critical theorists to deliver key-note lectures and participate in panel discussions. The FNB Joburg Art Fair now also includes a programme of collateral events that take place throughout Johannesburg, with galleries, museums, arts organisations and artists collaborating to create a public focus on the city’s art scene.

The members of the BASA Board are Kwanele Gumbi (Chairman),Herman Bosman, Richard Cock, Michelle Constant, Mandla Langa, Hilton Lawler, Andre Le Roux, Khanyi Mamba, Gianni Mariano, Dorothea Moors, Carel Nolte, Mandie van der Spuy, Matthew van der Want, and Gail Walters.

Winners honoured at 19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day

Eleven projects were honoured at the 19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day, during an arts-filled event attended by representatives of the business and arts community, and by the Minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa, as well as the Minister of Tourism, Derek Hanekom.
Winners honoured at 19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day
click to enlarge
Winners honoured at 19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day
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These prestigious awards celebrate exceptional projects that demonstrate the positive and sustainable impact of dynamic business and arts partnerships. It is also a moment for Business and Arts South Africa (BASA), which turns 20 next year, to reflect on the realisation of its core mandate, which focuses on change-making, connectivity and sustainability, underpinned by a body of research that grows every day, as well as diverse public, private and civil society programmes.

Winners in this year’s award categories provided inspiring and compelling insight into the role that the arts play in connecting people and enabling transformation – and the different ways that business can support this.

“As we move towards celebrating two decades of BASA 2017, I am proud of what we see coming out of the Awards. BASA’s support and involvement in the public and private sector demonstrates what can be done when we all work together,” commented Michelle Constant, CEO of BASA.

“We would like to congratulate this year’s winners and finalists,” added Heidi Brauer, Chief Marketing Officer at Hollard. “It’s always so rewarding to see the unique ways in which businesses partner with artists and art organisations to contribute toward a better society and we’re thrilled to play our part in celebrating these collaborations.”

“The shared value of the partnerships awarded tonight is visible for all to see and I hope that more businesses are now encouraged to partner with arts projects in the year ahead,” said Tim Cohen, Business Day Editor.

The 19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day, were held at Shine Studios in Braamfontein against the spectacular backdrop of the city. The evening’s performances and proceedings were propelled by this year’s theme of “creative furnace” and each winner received a unique ceramic fynbos artwork that emerged from a project that harnesses the transformative power of art and fire.

Under the guidance of artist Belinda Blignaut, the artworks were created by a group of amateur artists: Lucy Africa, Martha Nero, Jason Jack and William Jack. Blignaut explains that these artists “are part of a group that is using art therapy as a fine art, giving shape to the urgency for protest that so many communities are expressing on our national stage.”

Special thanks were extended to this year’s judging panel, which comprised Gianni Mariano, co-founder and CEO of the Mastrantonio group of companies, BASA board member and BASA Awards Chairman; Dali Tambo, media and heritage-tourism entrepreneur; Mandie van der Spuy, arts consultant and BASA board member; Kojo Baffoe, founder of Project Fable, Director at Kwaya Holdings and entrepreneur; Nicolette du Plessis, CEO of the Field Band Foundation; Theresho Selesho, Director, Business Development at Boondoggle SA and entrepreneur; Christina Kennedy, arts and culture journalist and commentator; and Fikile Moeti, 5fm DJ and social entrepreneur.

“The 19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day, really did showcase how the arts can be a tool for bringing about transformation, and how business can assist them in doing so,” concluded Constant. “Congratulations to all our winners and nominees.

19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day Winners

Innovation Award
Nando’s Chickenland (Pty) Ltd ¬– Nando’s Heartfelt Celebration of South African Design

First Time Sponsor Award
SA Taxi Foundation – SA Taxi Foundation Art Award

Increasing Access to the Arts Award
SAMRO & Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Concerts SA

Beyond Borders Partnership Award
ABSA – Barclays L’Atelier

Long Term Partnership Award
TOTAL South Africa (Pty) Ltd – The Buskaid Academy of String Teaching and Performance

Media Sponsorship Award
Radio Sonder Grense (RSG) – RSG Kunstefees 2015

Strategic Project Award
PPC Ltd – PPC Imaginarium

Small Business Award
Kirchhoff Professional Surveyors – Eland and Benko 2015 (#firegrazer) by Hannelie Coetzee

Sponsorship In Kind Award
Meropa Communications – Moving into Dance Mophatong

Development Award
Distell (Pty) Ltd – The Magnet Theatre Educational Trust Fulltime Training and Job Creation Programme

Cultural Tourism Award, supported by Nedbank
Transnet SOC Ltd – National Arts Festival

Extended closing date for South Africa’s premier Business and Arts Awards announced

With just two weeks until entries closed, the race to see which partnerships triumph at the 19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day, is gaining momentum.
Extended closing date for South Africa’s premier Business and Arts Awards announced
Entries into this year’s awards have now been extended to 20 June 2016, with the entry process made easily accessible through a streamlined online system. A dedicated point-of-contact at BASA’s Joburg office is also available to assist with any queries.

Over the past eighteen years, a long list of winners have benefited from the prestige that comes from being named a winner in South Africa’s leading awards event celebrating business and arts partnerships.

“We always aim to make our awards evening a fantastic night out for the business and arts community, , as well as members of the public sector” comments Michelle Constant, BASA CEO. “It’s the one time in the year that the many different ways that the two sectors create shared value is put in the spotlight and celebrated.

“More than that, though, the awards provide nominees with an opportunity to gain increased exposure and give the broader South African community insight into the innovative, exciting and creative ways that business partners with the arts community.”

In keeping with BASA’s reputation as a development agency with its eye firmly on the future, there are several exciting additions to the 19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day.

Among these is the Beyond Borders Partnership Award, which will be awarded to a global-level partnership that builds brand reputation and audience for both the business and an arts organisation across international borders. Another is the Cultural Tourism Award, supported by Nedbank, which recognises business support of arts and culture projects which contribute towards the growth of communities and jobs, and support the opportunities provided by local tourism.

“Our judges look at everything from innovation to sustainability and the shared value when assessing entries. We are really looking forward to seeing what kind of arts and business partnerships have emerged in the past year,” says BASA Marketing Manager Lakin Morgan-Baaitjies.

Please take note of the following:

Entries can be completed by the sponsoring business and/or the recipient arts organisation, but must be approved by both the business and arts partners.
To be eligible for entry, partnerships must have been activated between 1 January 2015 and 31 December 2015. Long-term or ongoing sponsorships current during that period also qualify for the awards.
The 19th Annual BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard and Business Day, cover a broad spectrum of the arts, including visual arts, dance, theatre, physical performance, music, architecture, fashion and design.
Entries close on 20 June 2016.

Innovation Award – This award recognises the most innovative and progressive partnership in all mediums of creativity; one that served all partners’ purposes effectively between January and December 2015, and highlighted creativity and originality in the process.

First Time Sponsor Award – This award is for a business supporting the arts for the first time, regardless of size, budget, whether it is CSI, marketing, HR, BBE or other.

Increasing Access to the Arts Award – This award celebrates a partnership that has encouraged specific audience engagement with the arts or has made a significant contribution to brand, market and audience development, while still promoting the business through above-the-line media or a partnership that has made a significant contribution to regeneration or sustainable growth, through a marketing and CSI budget or other.

Beyond Borders Partnership Award – Awarded to a global-level partnership that builds brand reputation and audience for both the business and arts organisations across international borders through an event or marketing project showcasing SA to Africa and the rest of the world, and/or bringing international arts projects to South Africa.

Long-Term Partnership Award – A company which has significantly developed and expanded its commitment to an arts project over three years or longer. The value to the arts project, the broader community and the business, must be apparent.

Media Sponsorship Award – For consistent and innovative support given by electronic, print, broadcast and web-based media.

Strategic Project Award – For outstanding initiative, with best use of a project, which is an integral part of the business’ strategy.

Small Business Award – For vital support given to the arts by a small company with up to 200 hundred full-time employees and an annual turnover of no more than R10m.

Sponsorship In Kind Award – For a company giving a quantifiable non-monetary support to the arts.

Development Award – For projects with an implicit educational and development element.

Cultural Tourism Award, supported by Nedbank – For business support of arts and culture projects which contribute towards the growth of communities and jobs, and support the opportunities provided by local tourism.

Upcoming BASA Africa Business Breakfast spotlights “Creative Change”

The upcoming BASA Africa Business Breakfast, supported by Standard Bank, will explore the emergence – and growing importance – of Creative Change: A New Business Paradigm.
Upcoming BASA Africa Business Breakfast spotlights "Creative Change"
click to enlarge
Taking place at the Market Theatre on 19 May 2016, the breakfast will be addressed by Nairobi-based George Gachara, a social entrepreneur, cultural activist and managing partner at the HEVA Fund. He will be joined by Angie Burton, Standard Bank’s Head of Marketing and Communications for the Rest of Africa.

“Increasingly there is a narrative developing around the emergence of a ‘creativity era’; one that is post the internet era,” comments Jenny Pheiffer, Executive Head, Group Brand and Sponsorship at Standard Bank Group.

“This is driven by the need for companies to be able to generate new and original ideas in order to build sustainable business for the future.

“We’re excited to be involved in this conversation about a new business paradigm for Africa and believe we have a meaningful contribution to make. Not only is Africa our home, but we have a long history of supporting the creative industries.”

Minister Nathi Mthethwa, Minister of Arts and Culture, is also set to give his insights into the importance of the creative industries in Africa. In addition, Minister Mthethwa will outline opportunities for businesses engaging on the continent – a fitting contribution during Africa Month.

With Gachara’s deep and extensive knowledge of Kenya’s creative sector, he will share his learnings with the South African business community, with a particular emphasis on the role of creativity as a catalyst for innovative business thinking.

Burton’s portfolio spans Standard Bank’s operations in an impressive 19 countries across the African continent, lending her singular insight into the kind of creativity it takes to work in such a diverse environment.

The BASA Africa Business Breakfast, supported by Standard Bank, is part of BASA’s ongoing commitment to creating equitable and sustainable business-arts partnerships for the benefit of the whole society.

To book your ticket for the 2016 BASA Africa Business Breakfast, supported by Standard Bank, taking place on the 19th May, please contact Mandisa Tshiqi on [email protected] or 011 447 2295.

Speakers’ Biographies

George Gachara

George Gachara is a social entrepreneur, cultural activist, cyclist and managing partner at HEVA Fund. He is based in Nairobi, leading HEVA’s exploration of the creative industries in East Africa and the role business leadership can play in creating long-term economic and cultural value. As managing partner, Gachara consults extensively with practitioners, industry and government to address sector level questions. His hands-on approach allows for intimate understanding of the creative sector and has helped to focus his efforts on proactive planning, analysis and client support. In addition to his work at HEVA, George is a member of the NEST Collective – a dynamic Nairobi-based arts company, where he is a writer, film maker and thought leader. He is also an advisor for the Africa region with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for Young People, a Global Fellow for the International Youth Foundation and a recipient of the International Development Committee’s Outstanding Leadership Award.

Angie Burton

Angie Burton started her career as a salaries clerk at Standard Bank while studying towards a BComm through UNISA, and later took up various roles within Marketing at the bank. After eight years with Standard Bank, she left to join Absa (Barclays Africa Group) where she spent 13 years in a range of marketing roles that eventually saw her heading up Absa Group Marketing. She re-joined the Standard Bank Group in 2011, and is currently Standard Bank’s Head of Marketing and Communications for the Rest of Africa. Her portfolio spans the bank’s operations in 19 countries across the African continent, and Angie’s passports boast multiple stamps from 17 of these. She holds an MBA and PMD from the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

Los Angeles To Grand Canyon Bus Tours – Things To Do In Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon sits in Grand Canyon National Park in fact it is an UNESCO World Heritage site. The South Rim is regarded as the popular and accessible portion of the park, and it’s also the best place to visit if you are seeing the Canyon the very first time, or if you are beginning from Los Angeles (LA). Read more below to find out how you can travel from La towards the Grand Canyon.

How far can it be drive an automobile to Grand Canyon from L . a ., California? The total driving distance from Grand Canyon to Los Angeles, CA is 491 miles or 790 kilometers. If you’re planning road trips, you could also want to calculate the total driving time from Grand Canyon to La, CA to help you see when you’ll go to your destination.

Most round-trip tours from L . a . to Grand Canyon include no less than one night’s remain in Sin city at hotels chosen through the tour company. Each of the trips get you via bus to Nevada for that night. The bus picks you up the next morning for that visit to Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim.

Stay at the North Rim Grand Canyon Lodge. The views are spectacular, with fewer people jostling for views, and you get a true feel for the vastness of the canyon

Bring an umbrella. Heavy rains occur mostly in the summertime, particularly in August.

Winter conditions begin mid-October and are prevalent by December. Snows are frequent, as well as an average year can easily see 100 inches around the North Rim. The minimum temperatures experienced on the rim by way of a normal winter seldom use single figures, and afternoon highs can continue to reach into the 40s. Early morning fog can be a frequent feature. January is commonly the coldest month.

One other most in-demand add-on is the Grand Canyon Glass Walkway. This glass walkway is internationally famous and attracts over 200,000 visitors annually because it is opening in 2007. This world-class attraction allow you to walk 70 feet past the side of the rim. Hold your breath and appear down. There, 4,000 feet below you could be the mighty Colorado River! It is a realization that can make you breathless.

The Colorado River, which flows from the canyon, drains water from seven states, but the feature we all know as Grand Canyon is entirely in Arizona. The majority of the Grand Canyon lies within Grand Canyon National Park. With regards to experiencing – not merely seeing – the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River in Arizona, Rafting might be a good option to suit your needs. A Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trip around the Colorado River is the better Go to the entire world if you’re willing to sleep with the earth and enjoy the aspects of natural world.

The Skywalk, managed through the Hualapai Tribe and located on tribal lands, consists of a horseshoe shaped steel frame with glass floor and sides that projects about 70 feet (21 m) from your canyon rim. Even though the Grand Canyon Skywalk tour is among the most famous attraction at Grand Canyon West, Grand Canyon Skywalk tours likewise incorporate other destinations and different canyon views.